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"I appreciate Veterans For Truth being there in my quest to be well...
just to get to talk through things, when no one else would." - Steve


With your help we can serve America's warriors through God's healing love.



There are warriors out there who do not qualify for counseling and therapy services. VFT is looking for them. Help us find them and connect them to those who can help.
  Veterans: If you have been turned down, had your services severely delayed, or are being seen by a therapist once a month or less, give us a call. We can help
Therapists: We are looking to contract with Therapists. You will need to be able to practice independently. You will need to demonstrate competency with military family issues. You will need to operate within a Christian worldview. Go to "Contact Us" and give the executive director a call.
every warrior is able to obtain help from the VA to get counseling or therapy when they need it.
The VA tries, but the system is not perfect, there are gaps.


They fought for us: Help us fight for them!
- Dr. Brad Larner, Executive Director




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